Greetings, September 2020

This is one article I have been wanna post in pass couple months.

By the end of August , 2020, to embrace one better month of September 2020, I now starting to write something out , by the desk of my office. 

2020 seems to be one touch period, for all of us, from everywhere, from all over the world. 

My name is William, who has been in contact with many friend all over the world in pass 14 years, never have I been feeling so stress & afraid , in year of 2020. Lucky to say, all of my friends, my relationships, doing all well & safe. My best wishes to you all too. Peace & Love. 

How you guys doing ? Why not leave me some comments below, where we can chat & exchange thoughts & feelings. 

By this timing, 20:50, 28th August, 2020, variety feelings mixing deep in my heart,  that’s odd , that’s strange, that not should be something Now I should be feeling about. 

So, let’s skip it 

Time to get some drink.