Magnetic Closure Box Gift Boxes

Custom Magnetic Closure Box Gift Boxes Recycled Tissue Paper


The magnetic closure gift boxes mockup is made of high-quality 157 Double copper paper. It is mounted on 1200 cardboard with a glossy finish or matte finish. Sturdy and beautiful, the thickened material will not be deformed. Each product has individual packaging. They are not only luxurious enough but also strong enough to hold the various items. The box are shipped flat, just tear off the triangle stickers, then assemble and bond the box. Saving you precious time and energy.


The design has super magnetic buttons and good sealing performance. It makes the box easy to open and close repeatedly. Resuable gift boxes with powerful magnets make the box easier to assemble and disassemble. It is easy to clean,only need wipe gently with dry cloth to restore the bright.


Personalised your own magnetic gift boxes. They can be used as a marriage proposal box. and can also be used to hold gifts such as flowers, photos and diamond rings. Large, Medium and Small size boxes for you to choose, suitable for most of the gift size. you can decorate your box with your own ideas, make your box more charming and mysterious.


In order to save storage space, we adopt a folding method of packaging . You only need to unfold the gift box, tear off the white triangle sticker. then assemble and glue the box. And you can get a beautiful gift box. The magnetic closure and fold flat construction make the boxes to assemble instantly. Arriving flat-packed, our boxes occupy just one fifth of the storage space of an equivalent-size rigid box. making them the ideal solution for storage space saving.


Constructed with durable book board with glossy finish inside and outside. this rectangle black foldable box is great as everyday storage box. to hold clothing, jewelry, photos, perfume, shoes, toys, etc. Pack your gift in the good quality packaging. That the receiver will want to keep or re-use into other aims to prolong the gift packaging lifespan for as long as possible.


The boxes can hold clothes, jewelry, photos , perfume , chocolate, toys, etc. It is the best packaging box for presenting gifts perfectly. The exquisite magnetic box ensures that your gift perfectly. The box ensures that your gift stands out during holidays, bridal showers weddings, birthdays or any other gift-giving occasions. It can hold gifts such as scarves, candies, chocolates, clothing, souvenirs, cosmetics, gift cards, candles, perfumes and watches. It can be used for Christmas, baby shower, wedding, Easter, Mother’s Day, holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.


The boxes can be reused . This high quality material reusable gift boxes will impress any gift recipient.  With magnetic suction function, no string, no glue, just simple operation to get the complete gift boxes. And we have sharp-cornered options can reflect your taste. The solid, beautiful, classic color, full color are the choices you can’t miss.

Beautiful gift boxes save you the need to find wrapping paper, ribbon, or tape to wrap your gifts. This simple gift box enhances and transforms your gift into a unique display.  Bonroy is committed to providing gift boxes wholesale in quality printing and cheaper price for customers. give every gift a chance to shine and present your best wishes to the ones you love. Tell us about your custom box project and what you want to achieve. We’ll ensure the features, detail and quality exceed your expectations. And we’ll do that with outstanding customer service, excellent turnaround time. And competitive pricing. Ready to add your own best custom planners and print packaging boxes?


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